Rare attractions online and of􏰀fline
Published 10.11.2020
39th Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival 16–22 Nov. 2020
The festival offers rare attractions online and off􏰀line
Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival’s 2020 􏰀films take you on an adventure in a circus, in the rainforest, in the countryside of Turkey, in the landscapes of Nepal and even in the Philippines. Children’s f􏰀ilms reach for their protagonists’ dreams, some as big as our planet. Youth f􏰀ilms challenge the viewer’s imagination. Young people rebel, 􏰀flirt, rise above their own limits, and of course fall in love. Finnish documentaries, more than 40 short f􏰀ilms and the Kaleidoscope section guarantee that there is something special to see for all ages!

– We need each other, we need a sense of togetherness. One way to connect is to watch a f􏰀ilm that opens your eyes and heart to new experiences, reinforcing the feeling that we all and the society we live in are connected, we are living together as one. Whether you sit at home or in the movie theater, as comfortably as possible, you can enjoy the experiences, the moments of wonder and identif􏰀ication offered by the f􏰀ilms, says Anna Asplund, the artistic director of the festival.

Despite the current times, we want to offer everyone experiences in movie theaters. Our guests and staff are important to us, and therefore changes have been made to the production of the festival and the use of the facilities, taking into account the safety and hygiene instructions related to the coronavirus situation. We follow the information of the authorities and act according to their instructions.

Children exceed themselves and know how to love
In Children’s Film Competition f􏰀ilms, children are resolute, have a clear vision and a will to change the world for the better, while taking steps on the path to independence. The f􏰀ilms pose challenges to their protagonists, which they solve, but not without struggling with their emotions.

One theme in the children’s f􏰀ilms for 2020 is love for one’s grandparents and parents and siblings, and at the same time love for one’s neighbor, love for nature, new friends and admirations. There are many kinds of love and caring, and it isn ́t out of anyone's pockets, but gives more power to everyone.

The power of imagination is especially evident in the f􏰀ilms Raggie, “Dirty Face”, With the Magic of Nature and The Crossing. A little child can be a musketeer, turn into a super hero in the jungle or a doll to come to life. The relationship between child and grandparent is at the center in the f􏰀ilms My Grandpa Is an Alien, Romy’s Salon and Team Marco. The theme of overcoming oneself and one’s dif􏰀iculties themes the stories of the protagonists in the f􏰀ilms Madison: a Fast Friendship, The Crossing and Circus Noel.
Young people take control of their own lives
In the Competition for Youth Films, young people have embarked on their own path, childhood is over, but they are still in the cross􏰀ire of the pressures created by the adult world. How does a young person solve this?

I Am Free, Reel Me: the Film Musical and Afterlife show the volatility of your mind, while Cleaners, The Wall Between Us and The Beloved Daughter tell of a life where the outside world creates pressures that require a solution. The young protagonists of the 􏰀films all have the will to get things right again, despite the adversities.
Films in competition
There are eight f􏰀ilms in the Children's Film Competition, six in the Youth Film Competition and seven in the Finnish Competition.

In addition to the Competitions, the festival will feature the Kaleidoscope programme, a shorts compilation assembled by the Nordic Junior Sessions project and a host of number of other short f􏰀ilms. Films made by children and young people take part in the Oskari Competition. The programme includes almost 100 f􏰀ilms, and the festival attracts about 30,000 visitors each year.
Children’s Film Competition

Circus Noel. The Netherlands 2019, directed by Dennis Bots
The Crossing. Norway 2020, directed by Johanne Helgeland
“Dirty Face” With the Magic of Nature Argentina. Switzerland, Spain 2018, directed by Gastó n Gularte
Madison: a Fast Friendship. Germany, Austria 2020, directed by Kim Strobl
My Grandpa Is an Alien. Croatia, Luxembourg, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019, directed by Marina Andree S􏰁 kop and Draž en Z􏰁 arković
Raggie. Estonia, Denmark 2020, directed by Meelis Arulepp and Karsten Kiilerich
Romy ́s Salon. The Netherlands, Germany 2019, directed by Mischa Kamp
Team Marco. USA 2019, directed by Julio Vincent Gambuto

Youth Film Competition

Afterlife. The Netherlands 2019, directed by Willem Bosch
The Beloved Daughter. Finland, Norway 2019, directed by Tiina Madisson
Cleaners. The Philippines 2019, directed by Karl Glenn Barit
I Am Free. Russia 2019, directed by Ilja Severov
Reel Me: the Film Musical. Germany 2019, directed by Peter Lund
The Wall Between Us. Germany 2019, directed by Norbert Lechner

Finnish Competition

Are You Hungry? Finland 2019, directed by Teemu Niukkanen
Čáhcerávga. Finland 2019, directed by Suvi West
Canary. Finland 2020, directed by Risto-Pekka Blom
Kung Fu Brothers. Finland, China 2020, directed by Mirkka Suhonen
My Dear Mother. Finland, Norway, Sweden 2019, directed by Paul Anders Simma 
The Stick. Finland 2019, directed by Teppo Airaksinen
To Teach a Bird to Fly. Finland 2020, directed by Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts