Awards & Juries
Children's Film Competition
Starboy Award

A jury of ten children presents the Starboy award of 2500 euros, sponsored by the Oulun Energia company, to the director of the best film in the Children's film competition.

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Youth Film Competition
Global Future Prize

The 4H Association of Oulu presents the Global Future Prize of 1000 euros to the best film in the youth film competition.

Finnish Competition
Look at Me... Award

The Church Media Foundation grants a 1500-euro award to a Finnish feature or short film at the festival. The award is intended to support Finnish films for children and young people and encourage film makers to examine Christian responsibility and values.

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Best European Children's Film
ECFA Award

The ECFA Award was founded by the European Children's Film Association in 2010. It is awarded to the best European film in the Children's film competition by a jury of three ECFA members.

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ECFA Short Film Award

The ECFA Short Film Award was founded by the European Children's Film Association in 2018. It is awarded to the best European children's short film by a jury of three ECFA members.

Juries 2021
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The Jury of Children's Film Competition
Luka Rasinkangas, Saimi Heinonen and Livia Olsbo (Myllytulli School), Jyri Lindfors, Olga Nissilä, Oskari Ohenoja and Tapio Tenetz (Oulu University Teacher Training School, Koskela Unit), Tiitu Hansen-Haug and Elmeri Lyytikäinen (Oulu Steiner School), Tilda-Aliina Leiviskä and Unna Pekkarinen (Teuvo Pakkala School). (Photo: Opri Heikkinen)
The Jury of Youth Film Competition
(From left) Jadina Lohva (Oulu Art School), Emilia Eade (4H) and Silja Tertsunen (Oulu Art School). (Photo: Marja Seppänen)
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The Jury of Finnish Competition
Paula Heino
Paula has done her career as news reporter, popularizing science and working in church communications. She did her Master´s at University of Turku. As a great friend of children and youth culture She is very honored to be able to choose this year´s winner of the Look at Me… Award. She is the vice-member of the Church Media Foundation Board and represent the parish union in the Media Foundation´s Administrative Council. She is also Head of Communications in Turku and Kaarina Parish Union. 
The ECFA Jury
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Alejandra Fritis Zapata
Film producer and documentary filmmaker, especialist in cinema contents to children and young audiences, trainer in teaching-learning process on audiovisual literacy and filmmaking with children, youth and diverse communities. 
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Vivian Papageorgiou 
Director, a screenwriter and a producer. She has a long experience in working with children and teenagers as a teacher and in film productions. At the moment she is shooting her first feature documentary. 
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Aino Isojärvi
PhD student and a teacher of Film Studies at Oulu University, and an alumna of University of Kent, UK. She has specialized in the intersections of children's fiction, popular culture and gender research, and her most important research interests include animation and adaptation.