Awards & Juries
Children's Film Competition
Children's Film Competition Award

A jury of local children presents the Children's Film Competition Award of 3000 euros, sponsored by the Oulun Energia company, to the director of the best film in the Children's film competition.

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Youth Film Competition
Global Future Prize

The 4H Association of Oulu presents the Global Future Prize of 1000 euros to the best film in the youth film competition.

Finnish Competition
Look at Me... Award

The Church Media Foundation grants a 1500-euro award to a Finnish feature or short film at the festival. The award is intended to support Finnish films for children and young people and encourage film makers to examine Christian responsibility and values.

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Best European Children's Film
ECFA Award

The ECFA Award was founded by the European Children's Film Association in 2010. It is awarded to the best European film in the Children's film competition by a jury of three ECFA members.

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ECFA Short Film Award

The ECFA Short Film Award was founded by the European Children's Film Association in 2018. It is awarded to the best European children's short film by a jury of three ECFA members.

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A Better World Award

A Better World Award is given to an individual, organisation or body that has made a significant contribution to the field of children's and youth cinema.

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Jury of Children's Film Competition

From Myllytulli School: Milja Hirvonen, Lumi Jänkälä, Inkeri Mäkinen, Martta Pörhö, Iina Salmi; from Oulu International School: Omar Arifi, Nandhu Saravan; from Oulu Steiner School: Kalle Hotakainen, Oona Knuutinen; from Teuvo Pakkala School: Onni Huikari, Adele Jämsä, Ester Jämsä.

Jury of Youth Film Competition

From Oulu 4H: Adele Kyllönen, Mona Nuopponen, Amanda Roininen; from Myllytulli School: Kerttu Lampinen, Ida Skiftesvik; from Oulu Art School: Miska Niinimäki.

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Juror of Finnish Competition
Outi Rousu

Outi is internationally awarded film producer, content creator, screenwriter and lecturer. She runs her own film production company Pystymetsä.

The ECFA Jury
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Kolbrún Anna Björnsdóttir

Kolbrún Anna Björnsdóttir is an Icelandic actress, graduating with Honours from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in 1998. She has gone on to star in theatre, film and TV productions, including her most recent role in the TV series Fractures which she created and co-wrote for Iceland's national broadcaster RUV. Kolbrun founded and performed with the award-winning Ekka Dance Theatre for over 10 years, and more recently she's acted as the Head of Movement and Drama at the Icelandic Film School. Kolbrun has written for television, theatre and is a published author.

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Marta Kraus

Since 2014, the Director of the KINOLUB International Film Festival for Children and Youth, organized in Rzeszów and the cities of south-eastern Poland. Initiator of film education programs for young audience and teachers in Podkarpackie Region. Since 2016, she has been the Head of the Podkarpackie Film Commission and the Podkarpackie Regional Film Fund, whose aim is to support film productions. Coproducer of three films nominated for Oscars Cold War (dir. Paweł Pawlikowski), Corpus Christi (dir. Jan Komasa), and EO (dir. Jerzy Skolimowski). Experienced coordinator of cultural, educational and social projects. An art historian and psychologist by education.

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Aleksi Puranen

Aleksi Puranen is a filmmaker from Oulu. His handprint can be seen e.g., in the films Hevi Trip, Wheels of Freedom and Roi and in the upcoming series Korvessa kulkevi (Evilside) and Kriittinen piste. He works at the Oulu-based production company Whatevergroup as a screenwriter and producer and is excited to develop new series and films and is very happy whenever there is something fresh in a film.