AV-arkki: Whose Nature? 10+Short Film

Whose Nature?: A Shorts Compilation from the Centre for Finnish Media Art

The films in this compilation explore biodiversity, the relationship between humans and nature, how we see ourselves as part of the environment, and how we use nature for our benefit.



For all ages

37 min
No dialogue
Recommended for ages over 10 years

Plastic child

2016 | 12 min
Plastic child is about a young boy’s journey across a polluted plastic world. The boy carries with him a single living plant which provides him with breathable air and eventually brings hope to humanity.


2016 | 11 min
Encounter is a short film about a human’s attempts to approach and understand an animal living in the wild. It depicts an unusual situation where the animal observes the human and not the other way around.


2018 | 4 min
Breath is an experimental collage film about the breathing symbiosis between humans, plants and the soil. It teaches about biology and helps viewers understand the topic while also offering an artistic experience.

Chasing waterfalls

2016 | 4 min
Chasing waterfalls is a series of poses stolen from others. In this video, people take selfies or pose for pictures at various travel spots: at a waterfall, on the seashore, and on the cliff of a mountain. The story goes there is a treasure hidden in the cave behind the waterfall. Is there also a treasure behind the picture? Can we reach with photographs something otherwise unreachable?

The flowers of Kola Peninsula

2014 | 3 min
The flowers of Kola Peninsula is a single channel video composed of still photos and time lapse footage. The imagery consists of overlapping images portraying the industrial landscape of the Kola Peninsula and dried flowers picked from the same locations. In addition, the work includes images of plants from the old herbarium that belonged to the artist’s father.


2017 | 3 min
Cars are moving behind a painted surface. By scratching away the paint, a traffic island is revealed, one with small pine trees growing on it. Trams and people pass by. The traffic island is a strange piece of urban nature in the city.


nature, animals, plants, environment, recycling, future