13+Youth Film

White Snake

A magical land pestered by demons is plunging into chaos. A mysterious young warrior rises against a dark general who seeks the power of immortality, but she fails. The warrior awakes in a small village with no memory of her past and befriends a carefree snake catcher named Xuan. He decides to help her solve the mystery of her past. The evil general’s troops follow their footsteps, and even the demons are looking for the mysterious warrior. The two embark on a journey filled with magic and martial arts, where love turns out to be the strongest power of them all.


Sat 20 Nov at 18.00 Studio


99 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English
Language: Mandarin Chinese

China – United States 2019
Original title: 白蛇:緣起
Directed by: Amp Wong, Zhao Ji
Screenplay: Damao
Cinematography: Leo Xie, Li Chao
Editing: Zhu Keer
Music: Guo Haowei
Voice cast: Zhang Zhe, Yang Tianxiang, Tang Xiaoxi, Zhang He, Zheng Xiaopu, Zhang Lei, Liu Wei
Production: Gary Wang, Gillian Zhao | Light Chaser Animation,,


animation, love, adventure, magic, fantasy, oriental martial arts, mysticism, genies