Children's Film


Children living in the jungle on the banks of the Amazon's source earn their own living by gathering, farming and fishing. They live among themselves in a community they have formed, without adults, and attend a small village school. But a modest and seemingly hard childhood is full of joy and laughter, and wonderful moments in the rainforest.


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Portugal 2022 | 61 min
Audio: Spanish | Subtitles: English, Finnish

Original title: Juunt Pastaza entsari
Director: Inês T. Alves
Cinematography: Inês T. Alves
Editing: Inês T. Alves
Cast: Erika Vargas, Nunkui Washikiat, Jesus Washikiat, Nupir Vargas, Tsentsak Washikiat, Warmas Washikiat, Nayaim Washikiat, Rosalia Wajai, Bartolome Wajai, Chumpik Etsaa, Inchi Etsaa, Amasan Vargas, Ramon Sharupe, Chias Etsaa, Nayash Vargas, Elias Vargas, Tsanim Vargas, Entsa Kiakua, Suwa Vargas, Pamela Sharupe, Wainchi Washikiat, Nisha Etsaa, Yaji Washikiat, Yaki Vargas, Fabricio Vargas, Sarah Kiakua, Sherry Kiakua, Paint Vargas
Production: Ico Costa, Inês T. Alves | Oublaum Filmes,
Distribution: Syndicado Film Sales,


documentary, rainforest, children