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Walk the Tideline

The documentary depicts people collecting debris from the beaches who are enchanted by their own hobby. When approaching things like a detective, a naturalist or a collector, the findings become more miraculous than everyday objects. The plastic treasure trove of the seas is inexhaustible.

An eloquent documentary about people scurrying the beaches, exploring our environment with different eyes.


Mon 15 Nov at 19.15 Studio


57 min
Subtitles: Finnish, Swedish
Languages: English, Dutch, Japanese

Finland 2021
Original title: Meren tuomat
Directed, screenplay by: Anna Antsalo
Cinematography: Anna Antsalo, Suzumu Miyasu
Editing: Okku Nuutilainen
Music: Tapani Rinne
Cast: Rob Arnold, Jolanda Bos, Lonneke Beukholdt, Shigeo Hayashi
Production: Venla Hellstedt, Juha Löppönen | Tuffi Films,,


documentary, sea, refuse, plastic, nature protection, environment