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Urpo & Turpo

The inquisitive teddy bears Urpo and Turpo live on the bookshelf in the children's room. The favourite thing of the bears is reading, because you get great ideas from books. The bears come up with most delightful adventures as fairy tales merge with everyday life. Thanks to a breadfruit tree, Urpo and Turpo are saved on a desert island, they indulgently improve the appearance of others, seek clues, defy rules, long for silence and compete to be the best and strongest in the world.


Wed 17 Nov at 17.00 Pakkala Hall


54 min
Language: Finnish

Finland 2018
Directed by: Liisa Helminen, Riho Unt
Screenplay: Liisa Helminen, Leslie Stewart, Riho Unt - based on books by Hannele Huovi
Cinematography: Jan Nyman
Animation: Margus Bamberg, Mikk Rand
Editing: Tuula Mehtonen
Music: Antti Hytti, Jone Takamäki
Cast: Antti Pääkkönen, Seppo Pääkkönen, Katariina Lohiniva, Taru Tikkanen, Olli Parviainen
Production: Hanna Hemilä, Liisa Helminen | Lumifilm
Distribution: Future Film,,


animation, book to film, plush toys, bear, adventure