Children's Film


Young Ama's who aspires to be a top swimmer has a family secret: her family is in the country illegally and will do anything to keep it secret. All shopping is paid for in cash and no personal details are to be given to anyone. Ama's father has told her from the start not to talk to the police, no matter what. But Ama is good at school and dreams of a career as an Olympic swimmer: she has found her place despite her background.

One day, water damage exposes Ama's family, and her mother and brother are caught and threatened with deportation. Ama's father has disappeared without a trace and Ama goes on the run. Thijs helps his friend avoid the police by hiding Ama in the storage room of his home, but her luck runs out. In the midst of an elaborate getaway and a search for her father, a mysterious creature appears, and Ama discovers new things about herself and her family. Will Ama and her spiky animal friend be able to save her and her family's future?


Studio Sun 19 Nov at 14:00 | Tickets 6 €


The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg 2022 | 98 min
Kieli: Dutch | Subtitles: English, Finnish

Director: Sander Burger
Screenplay: Bastiaan Tichler, Sander Burger
Animatronics: Rob's Prop Shop
Cinematography: Sal Kroonenberg NSC
Production design / art direction: Diana van de Vossenberg
Editing: Manuel Rombley NCE
Music: Amaury Laurent Bernier
Cast: Amani-Jean Philippe, Ole van Hoogdalem, Lies Visschedijk, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo, Céline Camara, Iliass Ojja, Bas Keijzer, Kenneth Herdigein
Production: Denis Vaslin, Fleur Knopperts | Volya Films,,
Distribution: SKOOP Media,,


adventure, immigration, girl power