13+Youth Film

The Wall between Us

Adventurous 17-year-old Anna wishes to see the divided Berlin and joins a youth group which tours West and East Berlin. On the gloomy streets of East Berlin, she meets Phillip and the two end up falling in love. But the Iron Curtain of the Cold War prevents them from staying together for more than one day. The dreaded secret police and the well-guarded border threaten Anna and Phillip’s relationship and even endanger Phillip’s life. Soon, writing and receiving love letters is not enough and in the desperation for each other’s embrace, Anna and Phillip start taking more and more daring risks in order to spend time together. As the thread from which their relationship hangs by starts to weaken, their love becomes a dangerous gamble.


Wed 18 Nov at 18:30, Valve Main Hall | Tickets 6 €

Recommended for ages over 13 years

110 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Germany 2019
Original title: Zwischen uns die Mauer
Director: Norbert Lechner
Writers: Susanne Fülscher, Antonia Rothe-Liermann
Cinematographer: Bella Halben
Editor: Georg Michael Fischer
Composer: Martin Unterberger
Cast: Lea Freund, Tim Bülow, Franziska Weisz, Fritz Karl, Kriemhild Hamann
Producer: Norbert Lechner | KEVIN LEE Film GmbH, email,
Distributor: ZDF Enterprises, email,


Berlin, Cold War, Berlin wall, love, love letters

With the support of Goethe-Institut Finnland