Dream Images 10+Short Film

The Silence of the River

Nine-year-old Juan, who lives by the Amazon River, has mysterious dreams. Every night, his father disappears into the darkness. There is no secret that nature cannot reveal.


Wed 18 Nov at 16:00, Studio | Tickets 3 €

Recommended for ages over 10 years

14 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Peru 2020
Original title: El silencio del rio
Director, writer: Francesca Canpera
Cinematographer: Christian Valera
Editor: Gino Moreno
Composer: Karin Zielinski
Cast: Wilson Isminio Cruz, Roover Mesia, Luis Mesia
Producer: Jimena Hospina | Candú Films
Distributor: Lights On, email,


Amazon, rainforest, jungle, nature, mysticism, fable, dreams, secret, indigenous people, Peru