Growing Together 3+Short Film

The Musifants 1-2-3-4

”The Incredible Günter” does not feel old at all. Retired 200-year-old circus elephant starts an amazing adventure to the orbits of the space. Accompanied by his grandchild they sing when they bump into asteroids and find that Mr. Krause, their neighbor, is visiting the moon with his caravan.


Sat 21 Nov at 11:30, Syke Hall in Kiiminki | Free admission
Sun 22 Nov at 11:00, Studio | Free admission

Recommended for ages over 3 years

4 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Germany 2020
Original title: Die Musifanten 1-2-3-4
Director: Meike Fehre
Writers: Meike Fehre, Sabine Dully
Animators: Vera Lalyko, Thomas Schmidl
Editor: Meike Fehre
Composer: Paul Abraham
Cast: Thomas Neubauer, Levi Bo Hosenfeld
Producer: Meike Fehre | Ahoifilm, email,
Distributor: Fabian Driehorst | Fabian&Fred, phone +494033442740, email


music, animation, space, animals