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It's the birthday of Mökö and Luru, the sons of the noisy Kiljunen family. Making Luru's birthday wish come true is a tricky business. A day at the Linnanmäki amusement park requires money, but maybe you could get some by selling your own furniture! The Kiljunens with their sundry belongings travel on a bus to Helsinki, but the day doesn't go smoothly. The sale of armchairs and lamps is stalled and the beloved dog Pulla seems to be behaving strangely after meeting the President's dog who looks very much like him. In a series of coincidences, Linnanmäki seems to be slipping further and further away, but the Kiljunens won't let adversity big or small put them off!


Valve Main Hall Sat 18 Nov at 11:45 | Tickets 6 €


Finland 2022 | 83 min
Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English

Original title: Kiljuset!
Director: Reetta Huhtanen
Screenplay: Jenny Dahlström, John Lundsten - from Jalmari Finne's books
Cinematography: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen
Editing: Joona Louhivuori
Music: Tuomas Nikkinen
Cast: Hugo Koivulehto, Nino Kröger, Mimosa Willamo, Ylermi Rajamaa, Tommi Korpela, Kati Outinen, Lauri Tilkanen, Ernest Lawson, Elena Leeve, Sanna-Kaisa Palo, Amira Khalifa
Production: Melli Maikkula, John Lundsten | TACK Films,,
Distribution: Nordisk Film,


family, travel, birthday, pet, comedy, family power, book-to-film