8+The Kaleidoscope

The Great Shawl of Aamu

Grandmother would be pleased if she knew where her lullaby is sending her grandchild Aamu. Aamu’s journey is filled with encounters with the most peculiar people. She meets a humanitarian giant, a root collecting grandma, Juhani who lives in the sky and Nellas who dreams of winter in the summertime. During the dream Aamu asks big questions and gets various answers, but something is common. Everyone Aamu meets knows how they want to live their lives.


Wed 18 Nov at 19:30, Studio | Tickets 3 €

Recommended for ages over 8 years

42 min
Subtitles: Finnish

Canada 2020
Original title: Le grand châle d’Aamu
Director, writer, editor: Lucie Lambert
Cinematographers: Christian M. Fournier, Lucie Lambert
Composer: Pierre-Antoine Tanguay
Cast: Niilo Vuomajoki, Antero Saralehto, Matleena Fofonoff, Anneli Kaarret, Niilo Länsman, Jouni Laiti, Juhani Harjunharja, Aino Snellman, Aamu Aurora Pieski
Producer, distributor: Les films du tricycle, phone +15816236059, email,


nature, North, Sámi language, wisdom of life, adventure, Inari, Sevettijärvi, Utsjoki