7+Children's Film

The Crossing

Norway, December 1942: four children are on the run from their country’s invaders, trying to get to Sweden. Their escape is full of adventure and unexpected twists. The Crossing is a movie about fear, trust, friendship, and the bravery of these children. Based on a true story, the film deals with its subject in a manner that’s tactful and suitable for kids.


Sat 21 Nov at 12:30, Valve Main Hall | Tickets 6 €
Sun 22 Nov at 14.00, Studio | Tickets 6 e

Not for persons under 7

96 min
Subtitles: Finnish, Swedish

Norway 2020
Original title: Flukten over grensen
Director: Johanne Helgeland
Writer: Maja Lunde – from Maja Lunde's, Espen Torkildsen's story
Cinematographer: John-Erling H. Fredriksen
Editor: Jon Endre Mørk
Composer: Stein Berge Svendsen
Cast: Anna Sofie Skarholt, Bo Lindquist-Ellingsen, Samson Steine, Samson Steine, Bianca Ghilardi-Hellsten, Henrik Siger Woldene
Producer: Cornelia Boysen | Maipo Film AS, phone number +4740021310, email,
Distributor in Finland: Oy Kinoscreen Illusion Ltd, phone +358408610488, email,


escape, adventure, bravery, history, Second World War, war, persecution of Jews, occupation, thriller, Norway, Sweden