7+Youth Film

The Beloved Daughter

Rekha is a school-age girl who must enter marriage because her family cannot afford to sustain three daughters. She wants to study to become an English teacher, but that would rule out too many potential bridegrooms, because Nepalese women are supposed to be less educated than their husbands. This puts her family in an impossible bind.


Tue 17 Nov at 17:00, Valve Main Hall | Tickets 3 €

Not for persons under 7

71 min
Subtitles: Finnish

Finland – Norway 2019
Original title: Nepalin morsian
Director: Tiina Madisson
Cinematographers: Marita Hällfors, Anna Karatvuo, Chandraman Dong
Editor: Katja Pällijeff
Composer: Salla Luhtala
Producer: Kirsi Mattila | Icebreaker Productions, Filmavdelingen AS
Distributor: Icebreaker Productions, phone +358405131829, email,


child marriage, village community, tradition, Nepal, school