8+Children's Film

Team Marco

Video games and technology form the essence of 11-year-old Marco’s life. He has no interest to do anything else but play indoors. He only has online friends and his father keeps buying him all the top-notch tech which hook Marco deeper into gaming. His gaming sessions that stretch into the night – as well as his obsession with a grand video game event – have his mom desperately looking for a way to get Marco to hit pause and see what else life has to offer. A surprising solution arrives when Marco’s old-fashioned grandpa moves in with the family. The proud Italian-American grandpa can’t make heads or tails of Marco’s gaming tech and decides to lock them all away in order to get Marco to experience life outdoors. Instead of video games, Marco’s summer is taken over by Italian bocce ball – a game where sharp eyes and sharper technique rule.


Wed 18 Nov at 16:30, Valve Main Hall | Tickets 6 €

Recommended for ages over 8 years

92 min
Subtitles: Finnish

USA 2019
Director: Julio Vincent Gambuto
Writers: Julio Vincent Gambuto, B.R. Uzun
Cinematographer: Powell Robinson
Editor: Nick Garnham Wright
Composer: Jacques Brautbar
Cast: Owen Vaccaro, Anthony Patellis, Anastasia Ganias-Gellin, Louis Cancelmi, Jacob Michael Laval, Thomas Kopache, Joseph Callari
Producer: Samuel Sandweiss | Boro Five,


video games, mobile games, grandparents, technology, bocce, Italy, family history, tradition, immigration, pastries