14+The Kaleidoscope


Rural areas and city meet in a pomegranate booth. They collide in life choices. Some of those take you closer to death, others closer to a new kind of life. Teenaged Burak is in the middle of these choices taking care of family’s garden and business but dreaming of university.


Thu 19 Nov at 18:30, Studio | Tickets 6 €

Recommended for ages over 14 years

106 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Germany – Turkey 2020
Original title: Toprak
Director, writer: Sevgi Hirschhäuser
Cinematographer, editor: Chris Hirschhäuser
Composer: Shaul Bustan
Cast: Numan Çakir, Burak Aydin, Emine Anil, Serpil Arik, Sidar Baran
Producers: Chris Hirschhäuser, Sevgi Hirschhäuser |,
Distributor: aug&ohr medien, phone +49(0)3061620068, email,


countryside, relatives, future, drama, Turkey