Nordic Junior Sessions


Dania grew up in a Christian community on the Faroe Islands but has moved to Tórshaven where she met and fell in love with the musician and poet Trygvi. They could not be more different, but the art of the brutally open and honest Trygvi motivates Dania to start writing her own poems about her upbringing and the difficulties young people face trying to fulfill the expectations of strict Christian communities.


Studio Sat 11 Nov at 19:15 | Tickets 3 €


Faroe Islands 2021 | 76 min
Audio: Faroese | Subtitles: Finnish

Director: Cecilie Debell, Maria Tórgarð
Cinematography: Cecilie Debell, Troels Rasmus Jensen, Rógvi Rasmussen, Maria Tórgarð, Jens Jákup Hansen
Editing: Rebekka Lønqvist
Music: Ólavur Jákupsson
Production: Heidi Kim Andersen | Made in Copenhagen ApS


documentary, north, religion