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School Garden

In the Netherlands hundreds of thousands of children are growing their favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowers in school gardens in the middle of the cities. When spring comes in March, the schoolkids of Amsterdam run with joy to a garden that is like an outside classroom. There the children learn a lot about plants, animals, and even cooking. After summer holidays the kids go back to school excited to take their harvest back home and compete about who grew the biggest carrot. The children’s favorite lesson in between all the harvesting is the one where they learn how to make soup and pizza out of the vegetables and herbs they grew.


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61 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English
Audio: Dutch

Netherlands 2020
Original title: De Schooltuin
Directed by: Mark Verkerk
Screenplay: Ignas van Schaick
Cinematography: Rene Heijnen
Editing: Helen Delachaux
Music: Jelle Dittmar
Cast: Marc van Will, Dieuwertje Smollenaers, Sonja Hoekmeijer, Kees Wabeke, Hans Laan, Geert Timmermans
Production: Ignas van Schaick | EMS FILMS,,
Distribution: Jeffrey Degraaff | M&N Media Group,,


documentary, vegetable gardens, environment, school garden