8+Children's Film

Romy’s Salon

Romy has no options. After school she must go to her grandma’s hair salon. Soon Romy notices that Grandma Stine cannot handle everything as before, so she starts to help her. Little by little their friendship grows deeper. Nevertheless 69-year-old Stine won’t slow down. She buys a new cash register that lasts for the next 20 years, takes Romy to a road trip abroad.


Sat 21 Nov at 16:00, Studio | Tickets 6 €

Recommended for ages over 8 years

90 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

The Netherlands – Germany 2019
Original title: Kapsalon Romy
Director: Mischa Kamp
Writers: Tamara Bos
Cinematographer: Melle van Essen
Editor: Sander Vos
Composers: Alexander Reumers, Jacob Meijer
Cast: Vita Heijmen, Beppie Melissen, Noortje Herlaar, Guido Pollemans
Producer: BosBros, email, | Leitwolf
Distributor: Attraction Distribution, phone +15143600252, email,


friendship, grandparents, illness, growing old, Alzheimer’s disease