14+Youth Film

Reel Me: The Film Musical

18-year-old Lennard moves to Berlin to live with his new flatmates, the phlegmatic Ben and silly Fine. Also living with Lennard are his imaginary friends — the macho Boris, feminist Helena, practical Sophia, angry Tess, and constantly anxious Jürgen — who are always telling him how to live his life. Even small decisions seem impossible to Lennard, and his internal chaos only gets worse when he falls in love.


Tue 17 Nov at 19:00, Valve Main Hall | Tickets 6 €

Recommended for ages over 14 years

86 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Germany 2019
Original title: Kopfkino – das Filmmusical
Director, writer: Peter Lund
Cinematographer, editor: Richard Marx
Composer: Thomas Zaufke
Cast: Markus Fetter, Linda Hartmann, Jonathan Francke, Lisa-Maria Hörl
Producers: Peter Lund, Thomas Zaufke, email,
Distributor: aug&ohr medien, phone +49(0)3061620068, email,


musical, humor, love, dissociation