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Ratty is the oldest son in a rat family that consists of a mother (who spends most of her time vacuum cleaning), a father (who is building some strange vehicle in the basement), a grandfather (who most of the time walks around saying "Sure, sure!"), and then Ratty has a whole bunch of siblings. One day Ratty meets Rosetta and falls in love. But how serious is it from Rosetta's part? She, who one day can be ready to leave Ratty after winning a trip, and the next day can ride with the leader of the motorcycle gang to the rat club "Ratz."


Sun 14 Nov at 14.15 Studio


84 min
Subtitles: Finnish
Language: Swedish

Sweden 1986
Original title: Råttis
Directed, screenplay by: Lennart Gustafsson
Cinematography, animation: Mikael Gerdin, Anders Holt, Lennart Gustafsson
Editing: Lennart Gustafsson, Leif Westerlund
Music: Markus Wikström, Bie Carlsson
Production: Lisbet Gabrielsson | Kanalfilm, Svenska Filminstitutet


classic, animation, infatuation