13+Youth Film


Olga, a 15-year-old from Kyiv, is training with determination for the European Championships in gymnastics. One evening, while her journalist mother is picking Olga up from training, their car is deliberately rammed with the intention of getting Olga's mom to stop writing news stories. Olga is taken to safety in Switzerland, where she continues to train hard with her new coach and on her own. Worrying news of the events in Maidan Square reaches Olga and the situation is not helped by the cold attitude the other girls in the team have towards her. How can she concentrate on honing her skills for the European Championships when she's worried about her mother and friends as the situation in her home country continues to deteriorate?


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Switzerland – France 2021 | 89 min
Audio: Ukrainian, French | Subtitles: Finnish, English

Director: Elie Grappe
Script: Raphaëlle Desplechin, Elie Grappe
Cinematography: Lucie Baudinaud
Production design/art direction: Ivan Niclass, Pascal Baillods
Editing: Suzana Pedro
Music: Pierre Desprats
Cast: Nastya Budiashkina, Caterina Barloggio, Jérôme Martin, Théa Brogli, Alicia Onomor, Lou Steffen, Sabrina Rubtsova, Tanya Mikhina
Production: Jean-Marc Fröhle, Tom Dercourt | Point Prod, Cinéma Defacto, RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse
Distribution: A2B Entertainment,


drama, gymnastics, refugees