Nordic Junior Sessions



Studio Wed 15 Nov at 19:15 | Tickets 3 €


Total time: 103 min


Norway 2022 | 11 min
Audio: Norwegian | Subtitles: Finnish

Director: Torgeir Kalvehagen
Screenplay: Torgeir Kalvehagen
Cinematography: Bendik Krause
Production design / art direction: Maria Løkken
Editing: Torgeir Kalvehagen
Cast: Guro Øverbø, Anne-Sophie Erichsen, Tor Arne Ursin, Inger Karin Edingås, Marte Siljan Lind
Production: Livar Hølland | Sanden Media,

At school, Iben is given the task of writing a presentation on the subject 'My favourite criminal'. This is not an easy task for her, because the subject really resonates with her.


Denmark 2022 | 34 min
Audio: Danish | Subtitles: Finnish

Original title: Vores børnehjem
Director: Ulla Søe
Cinematography: Simon Dixgaard, Andreas Bønding
Editing: Yrsa Wedel, Thomas Ravn
Music: Martin Brygmann
Production: Mette Mailand | Plus Pictures

Four children living in a children's home in Skovgården, Denmark, invite the viewer into their world in a bold and frank way. Director Ulla Søe has witnessed their ups and downs for a year. Thais, Tobias, Lærke and Sarah are 7-11 years old, but cannot live with their parents because they are unable to care for their children. It is the most difficult situation a child can face, and nothing is normal, but in many ways their daily lives are similar to those of their peers. In the morning they brush their teeth, during the day they go to school and in the evening an adult reads them a bedtime story. Birthdays, candy days and iPad time are looked forward to, and it's nice to be put to bed or have your head stroked by your favourite adult. There are good days, but there are also bad ones, when parents are particularly missed. Often one wishes things were different.


Iceland, Denmark 2021 | 22 min
Audio: Icelandic | Subtitles: Finnish

Original title: Hreiður
Director: Hlynur Pálmason
Screenplay: Hlynur Pálmason
Cinematography: Hlynur Pálmason
Editing: Julius Krebs Damsbo
Music: Alex Zhang Hungtai
Cast: Ída Mekkín Hlynsdóttir, Grímur Hlynsson, Þorgils Hlynsson
Production: Katrin Pors, Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin | Snowglobe; Anton Máni Svansson | Join Motion Pictures

Unrelenting siblings build a tree house as seasons change.


Sweden 2021 | 14 min
Audio: Swedish | Subtitles: Finnish

Director: Johanna Sutherland
Screenplay: Johanna Sutherland
Cinematography: Chester Briscall-Harvey
Editing: Johanna Sutherland
Music: Elvin Matz
Cast: Iris Channing-Carney, Violet Channing-Carney, Lars Fyge
Production: Johanna Sutherland

Two girls visit their grandfather at Easter. A basketful of old clothes turn them into Easter witches. The grandfather tells them about witches who are said to fly to Kyöpelinvuori mountain on Maundy Thursday. No one knows where this very secret place, from a time when rural people feared evil spirits, is.


Finland 2022 | 22 min
Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: Swedish

Original title: Aresti
Director: Samuli Hahl
Screenplay: Samuli Hahl
Cinematography: Johannes Valkonen
Editing: Johannes Valkonen
Production design / art drieection: Katariina Kivinen, Antti Saarnio
Cast: Zaida Laakkonen, Hermanni Nieminen, Kaisa Hiltunen, Aapo Halme, Niko Nesterinen
Production: Jouni Räsänen | BrainyDay Visual
Distribution: BrainyDay Visual,,

A comical story based in Liperi in the 80s about a girl called Johanna who comes from a very religious family. Johanna’s mother grounds her for listening to wrong kind of music for which they confiscate her stereo set. One day working at the farm with her father, she has an idea – she wants to work more to earn money to buy something even better.