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Total time: 49 min


Columbia 2020 | 10 min | Audio: Spanish | Subtitles: Finnish, English
Original title: Niebla
Director, cinematography: Leonardo Romero Zarza
Script: Juan David Ortiz
Editing: David Castaño
Production: Catalina Vásquez Salazar | Lúmina Studio – DODO Animación

12-year-old Nicolas has moved in with his parents in a house near a mysterious forest. One evening, he finds on the side of the road a fox that has been hit by a car and decides to take it back to his pack in the forest.


Finland 2021 | 6 min | Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English
Director: Jake Leppäkari
Script: Simo Ritari, Pinja Eskola
Animation, editing: Jyrki Heikkilä
Cinematography: Riku Seppälä
Production design/art direction: Piia Aho, Simo Ritari
Music: Tuomas Hölsä
Cast: Vilppu Eleinen, Kaisla Puustinen, Tuisku Suvela, Mea Nevanranta
Production: Iita Kymi
Distribution: Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu,

Young Jere is bullied and called HDMI at the sports camp because he is different. In reality, he has ADHD, which is why he gets into trouble unintentionally.


Canada 2022 | 13 min | No dialogue
Directors: Pierre-Hugues Dallaire, Benoit Therriault
Script: Pierre-Hugues Dallaire, Thomas Michael, Benoit Therriault
Animation: David St-Amant, Dave Mullins
Cinematography: Philippe Sylvain, Jonathan Meret
production design/art direction: Gabriel Gomez, Pedro Conti
Editing: Guillaume Poulin
Music: Iohann M. Miller
Production: Marie-Cecile Dahan | Rodeo FX Animation
Distribution: Miyu Distribution,,

Deep underground in the mine, a young boy is toiling with older miners. They use a canary to detect dangerous gases in the air. These gases stun the bird faster than a human, so when the bird falls unconscious, the miners have time to escape to the surface. The boy wants to set the bird free and teaches it to play dead, but little does he know that good intentions also have consequences.


Philippines – Singapore – Vietnam – Thailand – South Korea 2020 | 20 min | Audio: Filipino, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean | Subtitles: Finnish, English
Director, cinematography, editing: Che Espiritu
Script: Ashley Espiritu, Mudassir Muhammad, Tago, Nguyen Thu An, Yojin Kim, Che Espiritu
Music: Glenn Barit
Cast: Ashley Espiritu, Mudassir Muhammad, Tago, Nguyen Thu An, Yojin Kim
Production, distribution: Che Espiritu,

Five joyful children from different Asian countries write letters to each other about their lives and what they dream of doing when they grow up. Ashley (9 years old, Philippines) is a little girl with big dreams. She loves eating fish balls and watching the sunset on Manila Bay. Modassir (7, Singapore) is a smart kid who talks and thinks like an adult. He is a Pakistani who moved to Singapore with his family. Tago (11, Thailand) is a hard-working boy who helps his father sell desserts in town. He wants to be Thailand's Leo Messi. An (11, Vietnam) is a beautiful daughter for whom her father has prayed hard. She is a budding artist who loves anime and comics. Yojin (12, South Korea) who is half Korean, half Chinese, loves Japanese food. He thinks it's beautiful when two people from different backgrounds fall in love.

 – Friendships can transcend distances and cultural differences. You can find a friend anywhere in the world!