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Total time: 89 min


Finland 2022 | 11 min | Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English
Director: Saara Sundelin
Script: Sanni Mansikka-aho, Saara Sundelin
Cinematography: Petro Salminen
Production design/art direction: Laura Malmivaara
Editing: Akseli Koskinen
Music: Manu Liira, Kimmo Komu
Cast: Sini-Tuulia Norrbacka, Roosa Kari, Kerttu Myllykangas
Production: Janita Sarpola, Roosa Alhasto, Emmi Tenkula
Distribution: Janita Sarpola,

Ronja's friend Lola would like to go to a party where she could impress her crush Kaisa. Lola asks Ronja to behave like everybody else and not to embarrass her.


Netherlands 2021 | 16 min | Audio: Dutch | Subtitles: English
Original title: Vlekkeloos
Director: Emma Branderhorst
Script: Milou Rohde
Cinematography: Myrthe Mosterman
Production design/art direction: Noa van Nielen
Editing: Tessel Flora de Vries
Music: Hans Nieuwenhuijsen
Cast: Alicia Prinsen, Astrid van Eck, Wendy Ruijfrok, Ilva Los
Production: Nicky Onstenk, Marc Bary | IJswater Films,
Distribution: Kapitein Kort,,

When 15-year-old Ruby gets her period again, she doesn’t want to ask her mother to buy her sanitary napkins because she knows their financial situation really doesn’t allow it. Ruby decides that she is going to solve this problem by herself.


Finland 2021 | 10 min | Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English
Original title: Kirje valmentajalle
Director: Maria Hiekkamäki
Cinematography: Atte Männikkö
Editing: Saara Justander
Music: Igor Smirnov, Ilpo Lehtonen
Voice: Marja Tienari
Production, distribution: Anna Kääntä | TAMK,

A relationship of trust develops between a teenage girl and her sports coach. The girl's world is changed when the coach starts to abuse this trust.


Canada 2021 | 15 min | Audio: French | Subtitles: Finnish, English
Original title: Trophée
Director: Sandra Coppola
Script: Maude Bouchard, Sandra Coppola
Cinematography: Marie Davignon
Editing: Sophie Farkas-Bolla
Music: Mortadelle
Cast: Annëlle Cordon, Jules Philip, Sandrine Bisson
Production: François Bonneau
Distribution: Welcome Aboard,

Dominique is a 16-year-old girl who plays ice hockey with success. However, her father wants her to do better and pressures her to train more and more. Now Dominique has had enough.


France – Romania – Türkiye 2021 | 24 min | Audio: Turkish | Subtitles: Finnish, English
Original title: Les Criminels
Director, script: Serhat Karaaslan
Cinematography: Tudor Mircea
Editing: Nathan Delannoy
Cast: Deniz Altan, Lorin Merhart, Erdem Senocak, Ercan Kesal, Cem Baza
Production: Laure Dahout | Tiresias Films,
Distribution: Lights On,,

Late at night in a Turkish town, a young couple in love is trying to get a hotel room, which turns out to be anything but simple.


Finland 2021 | 14 min | Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English
Original title: Pyykkitupa
Director: Fabian Munsterhjelm
Script: Pietari Vihula
Cinematography: Nestori Majoinen
Production design/art direction: Akseli Alfström
Editing: Jukka Honkanen
Music: Emil Sana
Cast: Joel Hirvonen, Isla Mustanoja, Matti Onnismaa, Elias Salonen, Tommi Korpela, Pirjo Lonka, Jaana Saarinen
Production: Katariina Kangas | Autius Films

After moving into an apartment building, Eero's booked laundry shift is delayed when the previous launderer is late. The people next in line won't stand the situation.