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My Dear Mother

The documentary follows teenagers Dasha and her dearest friend Alyona as they seek to find out why their mothers abandoned them. Dasha and Alyona grew up together in an orphanage and their childhoods were haunted by sorrow, confusion and loneliness. Dasha’s traumatic family history had fallen on her shoulders when she was only a child. She also has not had the opportunity to familiarize herself with her Sámi background, its language and its culture. Dasha’s exceptional inner strength and resilience help her and Alyona face their traumatic pasts and discover their new beginnings together. Their friendship carries them through tears, and the definition of a loving family proves to be diverse and inclusive.


Sun 22 Nov at 18.00, Studio | FREE ADMISSION

For all ages

87 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Finland – Norway – Sweden 2019
Original title: Ráhkkis eadni
Director, writer, producer: Paul-Anders Simma
Cinematographers: Elen Lotman, Arvo Vilu
Editor: Jari Innanen
Composer: Matti Bye
Cast: Daria Matrekhina, Alyonna Sovkina
Producer, distributor: Ab Saamifilmi oy, phone +358(9)31577167, email,


orphan, adoption, family history, Sámi people, Sámi language, minorities, trauma, indigenous people, Northern Russia, documentary