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Martin and the Magical Forest

A little girl’s fairytale tells a story about an adventure in a magical forest. Martin is reluctant to go on a camp in the middle of a forest. There Martin is mocked by other children and does not tell the others about his strange encounters with sticks, blades of grass, and trees. Soon Martin makes a deal with the nature and starts to like the camp and his stepbrother who is there as well. Nature’s battle against its destroyers reaches its peak when Martin finally realizes that the girl’s story is true. They use the book together to defeat the drillers.


Thu 18 Nov at 17.00 Valve Main Hall


82 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English
Language: Czech

Czech – Slovakia – Germany 2021
Original title: Mazel a tajemství lesa
Directed by: Petr Oukropec
Screenplay: Kateřina Kačerovská
Cinematography: Lukáš Teren
Animation: Michal Struss, Magda Kvasničková, Martin Búřil
Editing: Dana Klempířová
Music: André Feldhaus, Carsten Rocker
Cast: Sebastian Pöthe, Josefína Krycnerová, Tobiáš Rímský, Václav Hubka, Johana Horváthová, Kristýna Boková, Ester Geislerová, Vasil Fridrich, Anna Schmidtmajerová, Tomáš Bambušek, Aleš Petráš
Production: Peter Badač | BFILM,,
Distribution: Daniel Vadocky | Negativ Film Productions,,


nature, forest, magic, conservation, camps