Dream Images 10+Short Film

Map to the Stars

After her mother dies, a seven-year-old girl is sent to an orphanage. Luckily, a path near the orphanage leads the girl to a cat and a wise shaman. Soon, the girl’s life is flooded with peace that flows like the waterfalls nearby. The film takes viewers from the countryside of Paraguay all the way to the stars.


Wed 18 Nov at 16:00, Studio | Tickets 3 €

Recommended for ages over 10 years

10 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Paraguay 2018
Original title: Mbyja rapégüyto
Director, writer, cinematographer, editor: Pedro Jaen R.
Composer: Oscar Navarro
Cast: Paula Menelik, Hugo Menelik, Ramón Langa, Pau Quero, Claudia Ruiz, Mariana Achim
Producer, distributor: Pedro Jaen R., email,


cats, family, friendship, space, life, death