13+Youth Film

Life without Sara Amat

Thirteen-year-old Pep is spending the summer holiday with his grandmother who lives in a small Catalan town. Pep has a crush on the eccentric local girl Sara who is growing anxious of the small-town life. While other kids are enjoying the summer, Sara longs for something else. She sees the world differently than Pep and the others; she sees beauty where others only see normalcy. When Pep asks Sara why she isn’t interested in playing with the others, Sara seems to realize something. Then she disappears. The whole town looks for her and even the police start to investigate her disappearance. Why did she disappear? Did she run away or was she taken? Pep's world then turns around when Sara appears in his room. Pep slowly realizes what she wants and why Pep needs to keep everything a secret.


Sun 14 Nov at 18.00 Studio


75 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English
Language: Catalan

Spain 2019
Original title: La vida sense la Sara Amat
Directed by: Laura Jou
Screenplay: Coral Cruz - based on the book La vida sense la Sara Amat by Pep Puig (2016)
Cinematography: Gris Jordana
Editing: Raúl Román
Music: Pau Vallvé
Cast: Biel Rossell, Maria Morera, Anna Sabaté, Jordi Figueras, Francesca Piñón, Isaac Alcayde
Production: Isona Passola, Francesc Pena | Massa d´Or Produccions,,; La Xarxa de Comunicació Local,,


drama, book-to-film, infatuation, secrets