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Eveliina is a 16-year-old student who lives in a small town with her mother and father. On her way home from a New Year’s Eve party, she sees her mother kissing a woman in a gas station parking lot. Eveliina assumes that her parents’ marriage is breaking apart. She decides to separate her mother and the woman and keep her parents together at any cost. Eveliina’s operation causes a lot of fuss and awkward situations, and her own love life adds fire to the fuel.


Studio Tue 14 Nov at 18:00 | Tickets 6 €


Finland 2022 | 103 min
Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English

Original title: Kupla
Director: Aleksi Salmenperä
Screenplay: Reeta Ruotsalainen, Aleksi Salmenperä
Cinematography: Peter Flinckenberg F.S.C.
Production design / art direction: Otso Linnalaakso
Editing: Samu Heikkilä F.C.E.
Music: Joakim Berghäll
Cast: Stella Leppikorpi, Minna Haapkylä, Tommi Korpela, Anna-Maija Tuokko, Amos Brotherus
Production: Minna Haapkylä | Rabbit Films,
Distribution: Aurora Studios,


black comedy, girl power, family, love, sex, youth