The animated film János Vitéz, directed by the legendary Marcell Jankovics, is screened during the "Petőfi 200" celebrations (the film is based on the epic poem by Hungarian national poet Sándor Petőfi, whose 200th anniversary falls this year).

János Vitéz was the first Hungarian feature-length animated film made to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Petőfi's birth. This year, the film was given Finnish subtitles in verse form.

The protagonist of the adventure is a shepherd turned hussar, who must perform countless earthly feats and pass through the trials of the afterlife to see his love Iluska again in Fairyland.


Valve Main Hall Mon. 13 Nov. at 15.15 | FREE ADMISSION


Hungary 1973 | 74 min
Audio: Hungarian | Subtitles: Finnish

Direction, screenplay: Marcell Jankovics, Tamás Szabó Sipos, Péter Szoboszlay - Sándor Petőfin runoelmasta
Finnish translation: Tuula Komsi
Design: Marcell Jankovics, Zsolt Richly
Cinematography: Zoltán Bacsó, Attila Csepela, Irén Henrik, Klári Kassai, Csaba Nagy
Music: János Gyulai Gaál
Dubbing: György Cserhalmi, Anikó Nagy, Erzsi Pártos

In co-operation with

Liszt Institute | Hungarian Cultural Center Helsinki
National Film Institute Hungary | Film Archive
Nemzeti Kulturális Alap
Petőfi 200