10+The Kaleidoscope

How Big Is the Galaxy?

7-year-old Zakhar and his older brother Prokopy are children of the indigenous Dolgan people who live in the endless, snow-covered Siberian tundra where they raise and herd reindeers as their main source of livelihood. In the past, when Dolgan children were old enough to start school, they were taken away from their families to be educated at state-controlled schools. The children were effectively alienated from their own language, heritage and culture. However, currently it is possible for the family to take in a teacher instead. Zakhar’s inquisitive mind clashes with the strict schooling which aims to pull his thoughts away from the wonders of the world, its star-lit skies, and the vibrant colors of the Northern lights that illuminate the snowy nights. The beauty of the universe and its radiant galaxies that glimmer in infinite space vividly captivate the viewer’s imagination.


Sat 21 Nov at 18:30, Valve Main Hall | Tickets 3 €

Recommended for ages over 10 years

72 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Russia – Estonia 2018
Original title: Хозяин оленей (Hozjain olenei)
Director, cinematographer: Ksenija Eljan
Animator: Nazli Kaya
Editors: Tomaš Doruska, Ksenija Eljan, Evgenija Ostanina
Composer: Lusija Kazarian
Producers: Alexander Rastorguev, Max Tuula, Maria Gavrilova | Black and White Cinema, Marx Film, phone +37253040483, email,


nomads, indigenous people, tradition, minorities, school, Siberia, tundra, space, universe, documentary