Children's Film


Håkan is an inventive young boy who wants to win a gaming tournament. The stakes get higher when Håkan and his classmate decide that whoever loses the tournament has to join the student council. The council is Håkan’s worst nightmare, because his father was a member in his schooldays, and Håkan does not want to become like his boring and old-fashioned dad.

Meanwhile a rash of burglaries is happening in the neighborhood. The police have not been able to catch the criminals. Håkan’s mother buys an alarm system for the house, because the parents are going away for the weekend for an important business meeting. Håkan must spend the weekend with a reluctant babysitter. And she doesn’t even have a proper computer in her house!

Does Håkan manage to win the tournament? Do the burglars get caught? Is Håkan’s mum’s business meeting a success? And what do ostriches have to do with all this? Get ready for a fun and exciting adventure!


Studio Sun 19 Nov at 12:00 | Tickets 6 €


Sweden 2022 | 89 min
Audio: Swedish | Subtitles: Finnish

Director: Ted Kjellsson
Screenplay: Thobias Hoffmén - based on characters created bySören Olsson and Anders Jacobsson
Cinematography: Benjamin Zadig
Editing: Emil Wiklund
Music: Jonas Wikstrand
Cast: Silas Strand, Mario Mustafa, Sissela Benn, Fredrik Hallgren, Yussra El Abdouni, Magnus Sundberg, Per Andersson, Eva Rydberg, Håkan Bengtsson, Filip Berg, Babak Yousefi
Production: Malin Söderlund | Unlimited Stories AB,
Distribution: Nordisk Film; Oy Atlantic Film Finland AB,


gaming, computer games, comedy, family, friendship, boy power, book-to-film