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Total time: 89 min


Finland 2022 | 22 min
Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English
Original title: Aresti
Director, script: Samuli Hahl
Cinematography, editing: Johannes Valkonen
Production design/art direction: Katariina Kivinen, Antti Saarnio
Cast: Zaida Laakkonen, Hermanni Nieminen, Kaisa Hiltunen, Aapo Halme, Niko Nesterinen
Production: Jouni Räsänen | BrainyDay Visual
Distribution: BrainyDay Visual,,

A comical story based in Liperi in the 80’s about a girl called Johanna who comes from a very religious family. Johanna’s mother grounds her for listening to wrong kind of music for which they confiscate her stereo set. One day working at the farm with her father, she has an idea – she wants to work more to earn money to buy something even better.


Finland 2021 | 15 min
Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English
Original title: Lakana
Director: Teppo Airaksinen
Script: Leo Viirret
Cinematography: Aarne Tapola
Production design/art direction: Petri Neuvonen
Editing: Jussi Rautaniemi
Cast: Elina Patrakka, Iida-Maria Heinonen, Elina Keinonen
Production: John Lundsten, Melli Maikkula | TACK Films Oy, ,
Distribution: TACK Films Oy,

During the Winter War, 11-year-old Marja is sent from her home island to the town to fetch milk for her little brother. The ice is thin in places, but that’s not the most dangerous thing about Marja’s mission.


Finland 2021 | 15 min
Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English
Original title: Auringonpistos
Director, script: Anna Äärelä
Cinematography: Max Smeds
Production design/art direction: Ansku Heiskanen
Editing: Inka Lahti
Cast: Julia Von Lerber, Amos Brotherus, Saara Kotkaniemi
Production: Pilvi Waltzer | BUFO
Distribution: BUFO,,

Miina wakes up one morning to find a bloody message from her past taped to her window. The message makes her revisit the memories of her youth. Does first love ever die?


Finland 2021 | 10 min
Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English
Original title: Kirje valmentajalle
Director: Maria Hiekkamäki
Cinematography: Atte Männikkö
Editing: Saara Justander
Music: Igor Smirnov, Ilpo Lehtonen
Voice: Marja Tienari
Production, distribution: Anna Kääntä | TAMK,

A relationship of trust develops between a teenage girl and her sports coach. The girl's world is changed when the coach starts to abuse this trust.


Finland 2022 | 5 min
No dialogue
Original title: Paperi
Director, script, production design/art direction, editing: Katariina Haukka
Animation: Katariina Haukka, Niko Niemelä
Cinematography: Niko Niemelä
Music: Kristiina Palviainen
Voice: Paula Kovanen
Production, distribution: Katariina Haukka, Markus Hatakka | Turun UAS,,

Marja's work at the typewriter is interrupted when her paper starts to fidget in the middle of everything. She tries many things to tame the paper - with surprising consequences.


Finland 2022 | 11 min
No dialogue
Director, editing: Jukka Vidgren
Script: Jukka Vidgren, Petteri Tikkanen – based on the comics by Petteri Tikkanen
Animation: Petteri Stavén
Cinematography: Juuso Laatio
Production design/art direction: Sanna Svensk
Music: Kalle Ylitalo
Cast: Matti Nurminen, Ukko Raatikainen, Janne Kinnunen, Petteri Tikkanen
Production: Jukka Vidgren | Mutant Koala Pictures
Distribution: Mutant Koala Pictures,,

A clever boy plays superhero and tries to get his car-building father to join him. The grumpy grandfather doesn't care about games and throws the boy's toy under the house. Ruffled the boy creates a superhero like no other, but the adults don't show any interest. But the boy won't give up.


Finland 2021 | 11 min
Audio: Finnish | Subtitles: English
Original title: Kaikki äitini puhelut
Director, script, cinematography, animation, production design/art direction, production: Iiti Yli-Harja
Editing: Lyydia Mäkipää
Music: Pietu Arvola, Ville-Matti Koskiniemi
Voices: Maija, Rai, Alli, Jukka, Iiti, Paula Roine, Sonja Järvisalo, Mari-Sohvi Miettinen, Jere Leinonen, Veera Tapper
Distribution: Saara Toivanen | ELO Film School, Aalto-yliopisto,

Mom's phone is constantly ringing, and each caller has their own absurd demands. How can she cope with the chaos?