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Find My Way Home

A six-year-old girl named Hao Hao is forced to part ways with her beloved Labrador puppy, Bottle, who is given away to her aunt. Determined to return home, Bottle embarks on an adventurous journey, befriending both humans and other dogs along the way. While smart and friendly, Bottle is also always hungry, which sometimes leads him to trouble.


Sat 21 Nov at 14:00, Studio | Tickets 6 €

Recommended for ages over 8 years

91 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

China 2018
Original title: Xiao Gou Nai Ping
Director, writer: Li Peng
Cinematographer: Li LiYi
Editor: Wu Fang
Composer: Liu Ye
Cast: Bottle (Nai-Ping), Kang Xiao Nuo
Producer: He Zilong, email
Distributor: Flash Forward Entertainment, email,


dogs, animals, family, China