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Eatnameamet – Our Silent Struggle

atnameamet - Our silent struggle is a dramatic, true to life and touching representation of the position of the Sámi people in Finland. The political cinematographic work presents the mundane life, resources, and history of the Sámi people with a look into their future from their own point of view. The Finnish government and the Sámi are placed on opposite sides and the disagreements between them are finally brought up accompanied by beautiful pictures of nature and Sámi music.

The film uses the Sámi people’s own voice to discuss cultural appropriation, the government’s crimes against the Sámi and new railway plans that are threatening reindeer populations in the north. The work is both a cry for help and a piece of evidence about the Sámi’s long struggle.


Thu 18 Nov at 19.00 Valve Main Hall | Producer Janne Niskala present at the screening


74 min
Subtitles: Finnish
Languages: Sámi, Finnish, English, Swedish

Finland 2021
Original title: Eatnameamet – Min jaskes dáistaleapmi
Directed, screenplay by: Suvi West
Cinematography: Anssi Kömi
Editing: Markus Leppälä
Music Anthoni Hætta
Cast: Aslak Holmberg, Petra Laiti, Tiina Sanila-Aikio, Tomi Guttorm, Ánneristen Juuso, Maarit Paltto, Kaarin Lehtonen, Toivo West, Arvi Hagelin, Tuomas-Aslak Juuso, Risten Mustonen, Magreta Sara
Production: Janne Niskala | Vaski Filmi,,
Distribution: Juha Elomäki | Pirkanmaan Elokuvakeskus,


documentary, human rights, Sámi, North, politics