8+Children's Film

“Dirty Face”, with the Magic of Nature

In order to chop down a rainforest surrounding a village, a greedy and cunning sorceress enchants all the village’s grown-ups. Seeing through the deceit, the children of the village decide to put an end to her plan. The spirit of the jungle comes alive as the kids magically turn into animated characters and go to battle against the machines that have come to destroy their forest.


Sat 21 Nov at 12:00, Studio | Tickets 6 €

Recommended for ages over 8 years

95 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Argentina – Switzerland – Spain 2018
Original title: “Cara Sucia”, con la magia de la naturaleza
Director, writer: Gastón Gularte
Cinematographer: Germán Drexler
Animator: Mc Fly Studio
Editors: Alberto Ponce, Jimena García Molt
Composer: Osvaldo de la Fuente
Cast: Isabella Caminos Bragatto, Laura Novoa, Matías de Jesús, Karen Slabcow, Vladimir Krauczuk, David Rodríguez Pérez, Jesús Pérez Echanique, Ana Fernández, Marcelo Ruiz Magri, Ivan Moschner, José María Barrios Hermosa, Vanina Olivera, Gustavo Garzón, Carolina Gularte, Karin Schöler, Juan Carlos Staud, Gonzalo Velazco, Miuki Madelaire, Marcelo Reynoso, Rubén “el Negro” Rada
Producer: Marisa Hassan, phone number +5493764705579, email


nature conservation, rainforest, magic, animation