Growing Together 3+Short Film

Cracks in the Pavement

A beautiful but delicate flower tries to bloom in the midst of a polluted city. A protective rubbish bin does his best to keep her safe from harm.


Sat 21 Nov at 11:30, Syke Hall in Kiiminki | Free admission
Sun 22 Nov at 11:00, Studio | Free admission

Recommended for ages over 3 years

9 min
No dialogue

Argentina 2019
Original title: Entre Baldosas
Director: Nicolás Conte
Writers: Nicolás Conte, Micaela Doll
Animators: Nicolás Conte, Laura Estévez
Editors: Laura Estévez, Nicolás Conte
Composers: Rómulo Conte, Ciro Gargaglione
Producer: Nicolás Conte
Distributor: ShortsFit Distribución, phone +393246236460, email,


nature, pollution, urban, animation