14+Youth Film


In this vibrant episodic film, eight high school students must ignore their gossiping friends and opinionated parents to make courageous decisions for themselves. In doing so, they are faced with fear, shame, and disappointment in their parents. However, they also get to experience infatuation, new friendships, and independence.


Fri 20 Nov at 19:30, Studio | Tickets 6 €

Recommended for ages over 14 years

78 min
Subtitles: English

The Philippines 2019
Director, writer, composer: Karl Glenn Barit
Cinematographer: Steven Evangelio
Editors: Noah Loyola, Che Tagyamon
Cast: Ianna Taguinod, Gianne Emira Rivera, Andrei Marquez, Leomar Baloran, Julian Narag, Carlo Mejia, Allan Gannaban, Charise Mabbonag
Producers: Che Tagyamon, Carlo Francisco Manatad, Nonilon Abao, email


coming of age, growing pains, friendship, school