NoJSe: Nordic ShortsShort Film

City No 13

The rhythm of a city and the stars in space reflect the 11-year-old Omar’s profound thoughts on life and humanity.


Sat 21 Nov at 12:00, Syke Hall in Kiiminki | Free admission

Recommended for ages over 10 years

9 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English

Sweden 2020
Original title: Stad nr 13
Director: Salad Hilowle
Writers: Sagal Farah, Salad Hilowle
Cinematographer: Giorgos Chloros
Animator: Manne Björklund
Editor: Salad Hilowle, Kim Ekberg
Composer: Christopher Cook
Cast: Bilal Hilowle, Frida Jansson, Joachim Schröder, Malin Jansson, Michel Tawaifi
Producers: Henrik Pekkari, Sverre Lundqvist


humanity, philosophical, refugees, immigration