Chickens, virus and us

In the spring of 2020, the Czech Republic was locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A town-dwelling family decides to move to their farmhouse for the duration of the lockdown. The children of the family, 5-year-old Oleg, 9-year-old Nadja and 10-year-old Boris, want to take care of chickens in the yard. The family goes to the big local poultry farm, where the children get their own chickens. The little chicken farmers also get to know brutal details about caged chickens and want to find out why people treat animals so cruelly. They get interested in animal rights policy and learn that there is an attempt in the Czech Republic to ban battery cages.
The documentary makes us think about animal rights as the children become acquainted with intensive animal farming. At the same time, the family’s own chicken raising shows a different way and sheds light on how humans could act so that all animals, chickens included, would have the right to a better life.


Tue 16 Nov at 18.00 Pakkala Hall


74 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English
Language: Czech

Czech Republic 2021
Original title: Slepice, Virus a My
Directed by: Filip Remunda
Screenplay: Ivona Remundová, Filip Remunda
Cinematography: Martin Tokar, Filip Remunda
Editing: Hana Dvořáčková
Production: Filip Remunda, Vít Klusák | Hypermarket Film,,
Distribution: Institute of Documentary Film |,


documentary, family, Covid-19 pandemic, environment, politics, battery cages, countryside