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Buster’s World

The 11-year-old imaginative Buster loves life. The helpful young boy is always there when his little sister Ingeborg needs him. Buster’s old pal and mentor, Mr. Larsen, helps him do magic tricks. This summer, Buster is preparing for a big talent contest, which he, with boundless optimism, believes will win. The main rival is the popular and arrogant Simon-Olaf with his dance performance, but Buster is not discouraged. Summer is crowned with infatuation and the mishaps that come with it. However, the power of love and magic conquers everything.

A good-natured and colourful children's film that captivates the viewer not only because of its enjoyable characters, but also because of its delightful story.


Tue 16 Nov at 18.30 Valve Main Hall


92 min
Subtitles: English, Finnish
Audio: Danish

Denmark 2021
Original title: Buster
Directed by: Martin Miehe-Renard
Screenplay: Jesper Nicolaj Christiansen - based on Bjarne Reuter's book Buster's World (1985)
Cinematography: Bastian Schiøtt
Editing: Søren B. Ebbe
Music: Frans Bak, Keld Haaning Ibsen
Cast: Manfred Weber Cortzen, Magnus Millang, Ibi Støving, Henning Jensen, Kerstin Jannerup Gjesing, Viola Martinsen, Bertil Karlshøj Smith, Linda Pedersen, Natali Vallespir, Louise Davidsen, Josephine Nørring, Alma Sofie A. Allarp
Production: Barbara Crone, Hans Bülow Ungfelt | CroneUngfelt
Distribution: Nordisk Film


magic tricks, from book to movie, crush, bullying