Africa (Heroes Are not for Food)

During World War II, a family with a mother and three children lives near Leningrad. In the freezing cold, it’s hard to find food, but the brave sons Alexander and Yegor set out in search of something to eat under the snow while the ailing little sister Maria is left in her mother’s care. There isn't much to bring home, but the boys find a half-dead war dog in the woods. The fate of the family takes on a brighter hue when the boys return home with their catch.
Despite its gloomy premise, the story optimistically depicts through the eyes of the imaginative little boy Yegor the friendship between him and the dog.


Sat 20 Nov at 16.30 Studio


54 min
Subtitles: Finnish, English
Language: Russian

Russia 2021
Original title: Африка [Afrika]
Directed, screenplay by: Daria Binevskaja
Cinematography: Dmitri Gorevoj
Editing: Daria Binevskaja, Daria Badjanova
Music: Lina Hertz
Cast: Aleksei Rodionov, Oleg Tshugunov, Jekaterina Guseva, Igor Petrenko, Alisa Klagish, Mark Vdovin, Andrei Matvejev, Maksim Dobrodonov, Denis Kazandaikin, Andrei Garkunov
Production: Dmitri Belosohov | Connect Film,
Distribution: Daria Binevskaja |


war, dogs, family, drama, winter, friendship